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We understand that no two situations are alike, our goal is to craft a solution that best fits you and your family's needs whatever that may be, so whether you are....

• Relocating or being transferred
• Not able to do needed repairs
• Tired of being a landlord
• Inheriting property ( probate )
• Having financial difficulties
• Wanting to avoid foreclosure
• Going through a Divorce
• Needing a quick and easy close
• Not wanting to pay a realtor 6% commission
• Just curious because the market is hot!

Whatever your situation, we can HELP! Allow us to give you our best offer today and put money in your pockets quickly.

Re-locating?Moving isn't easy, trying to sell your house while at the same time finding a new one that suits your needs, forget about it. By selling your house to SpeedyWI we assure you a quick and timely close, putting cash in your hands quickly so you don't miss out on putting that offer in on your dream home.Inherited a Property? Get Cash For Your Inherited House in Days!Going through the Real Estate market to sell an inherited house is time-consuming and costly. It can take months to close if you’re even able to find a buyer. You also end up paying high fees and commissions. A better, faster solution exists. By selling to SpeedyWI it gives you a stress-free way to sell your inherited house fast.Property In Need of Repair?No problem! We buy houses all the time that need extensive repairs done, in fact Fixer Uppers are some of our favorite type of houses to buy. Since we bring CASH to the table there is no need for an appraisal or inspection that a typical mortgage lender would require. Saving you money and the hassle of trying to do the repairs yourself.Tired of Being a Landlord?Dealing with a rental nightmare? Rental properties can be a great source of income but if not managed correctly or you end up with bad tenants that same property can become more of a burden than anything else. We will gladly pay cash for your rental property even with an active lease agreement. Not to worry though, the current tenants would not be kicked out either, as long as the numbers make sense for us, we will take over the house and continue to honor their current lease.Want to Avoid Foreclosure?If you are falling behind on mortgage payments then selling your home quickly is paramount to saving your credit. We work with plenty of homeowners each year that have received notification from their mortgage company that they are behind on one or more mortgage payments. We can help you stop foreclosure.Going Through Divorce?We can help you through the difficult time of working with your spouse and getting your home sold quickly so you can move on with your life. We have a proven process to work with both parties to the transaction including providing you a net sheet that will show you and your spouse how much you will each receive when your property is sold quickly.

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